In April 2019, the Mission Ready platform was closed and the courses were moved to HostileWorld. The video and information below provide an outline of what Mission Ready accomplished by applying innovative learning techniques and interactive technology to humanitarian training.

Training today’s aid workers

The Mission Ready e-learning platform was designed to use cutting edge game technology to enhance learning through real-time, ‘point-of-view’ interactive video scenarios. Based on the Near-Life™  learning approach, Mission Ready challenged learners to answer questions and make decisions on situations they’d most likely face in the field.  Learners also received feedback to understand and learn from each decision point. The key learning objectives of each course are delivered through four methods: introductory documentaries, expert written content, interactive video scenarios and study guides.

Mission Ready courses

Field Security Management is set in a fictional East African country. The training is aimed at mainstreaming established security protocols and behaviours into the daily life of all field-based staff responding to humanitarian crises. This course is available in English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

Remote Security Management is set in a fictional Middle Eastern country. The training is aimed at bridging the gap between HQ, regional and field staff communications on security challenges, decisions and practical actions throughout the project life cycle. The course is specifically designed for remote security managers, security focal points and staff whose security is being or will be remotely managed. The course is presently available in English and Arabic.

Both courses were developed by security experts from across the humanitarian sector including, EISF, War Child, Department for International Development, Operation Mercy, Oxfam, Save the Children and RedR UK.

Mission Ready will get every member of your team thinking about and applying the essential security protocols needed to keep staff members safe while on mission. The theory and learning from Mission Ready is transferable and relevant to current global humanitarian challenges.


One year after launch in October 2015, 93% of users have rated the quality of Mission Ready as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ and 81% of users consider the course content ‘relevant’ or ‘highly relevant to their work.’