Academy925 is an interactive workplace learning platform that redefines online training. The platform offers online corporate training courses to help develop professional skills.

Using cutting edge Near-Life™ technology and a gaming approach to learning, Academy925 presents learners with immersive first person scenarios where their decisions affect how events unfold.

Academy925 combines the flexibility of online learning with all the benefits of engaging role-play situations. The decisions you take are tracked and monitored, providing the feedback you need to better understand your learning journey.

When faced with complex situations like managing poor performance, sickness absence or handling issues around exclusion and diversity in the workplace, most managers struggle with how to best deal with the situation.  The most effective way to learn is by experiencing these situations in a realistic way, through role-play. Academy925 provides this immersive, role-play experience online enabling organisations to deliver valuable training to a wider corporate audience.

Management and HR training online has often been criticised for not being engaging but Academy925 changes that. Research has shown that using interactive video and gamification not only aids knowledge retention, but it also improves the online learning experience.

A recent study by MIT showed that 97% of people preferred to learn this way.

The first course on Academy925 is Managing Challenging Situations in the Workplace. The course focuses on four core areas of Management: Poor Performance, Allegations of Unfair Treatment, Sickness Absence and Exclusion. The course is ideal for new and experienced managers alike.

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