Improve Awareness. Build Resilience. HostileWorld

HostileWorld is an interactive video training platform that uses Near-Life™ technology to deliver an immersive learning experience.  The platform is designed to give learners a realistic, first-hand experience of life in the field, to help them cope when working in hostile environments.

HostileWorld is a central resource for learning materials related to security and other areas of risk. The aim is to provide anyone who works or manages personnel in challenging environments and difficult situations access to a variety of interactive courses to help them stay safe in some of the world’s most insecure locations.

Our immersive scenarios are designed to test learners in realistic situations so that if the worst happens, learners will be able to response appropriately. HostileWorld gives learners feedback specifically related to their performance in the interactive simulations, so that learners know how to do better next time.

Bringing such immersive training online makes realistic, role-play and experiential learning more flexible and affordable.

HostileWorld’s flagship course: Hostile Environment Awareness Training, or HEAT, has been developed to support a variety of sectors that deploy personnel, or work with local agents, in hostile or insecure environments. The course introduces learners to strategies for staying safe while on mission.

What is HEAT?

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) has traditionally been provided for international journalists, oil and gas contractors, government employees or NGO/Humanitarian aid workers. In today’s unstable climate, it has become increasingly important that employers provide similar training to their local agents working on the ground.

However, providing such training to local staff can be prohibitively expensive and impractical, especially when access to external trainers is difficult or impossible.

International experts

DTS works directly with strategic partners and international experts around given courses and topics to provide world-class, cutting edge e-learning.  HostileWorld’s HEAT course was developed in partnership with Blue Mountain Group and Resilience Advisors Network helps to prepare organisations for some of the most challenging situations that face international development work today.

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