Our unique online learning technology uses a gaming approach to deliver immersive training. The Near-Life™ experience engages trainees in interactive, decision-based scenarios, direct from their computer or mobile device.

Creative Production

DTS brings together years of creative media production experience. Pioneering a games-based approach to interactive storytelling, DTS provides a comprehensive scripting and production service to create bespoke online scenarios.


DTS provides a comprehensive online learning consultancy service. We help organisations understand where their employee training and engagement programmes are now, where they want to be  - and how interactive learning can improve those programmes and support their business goals.

Case Studies

We have worked with people and organisations around the world to deliver ground-breaking learning in a range of different sectors.

Latest DTS news and articles


HostileWorld: hostile environment training online

HostileWorld is an interactive online training platform designed for aid workers, contractors and volunteers deploying to hostile and challenging environments ...
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Hostile environment training scenarios put learners under pressure to make decisions.

DTS launches HostileWorld & brings HEAT training online

This week sees the launch of HostileWorld; a new interactive training platform that uses Near-Life™ technology to revolutionise hostile environment ...
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Remote Security Management now in Arabic

The Remote Security Management course on Mission Ready is now available in Arabic. (more…) ...
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Remote Security Management

New Remote Security Management course on Mission Ready

DTS and partners RedR have launched a new course on the Mission Ready platform: Remote Security Management. Remote Management – ...
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Big Chip Awards 2016 Shortlist

Digital Training Solutions has been shortlisted for the Big Chip Awards 2016 with its innovative learning platform, Mission Ready.  The ...
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Introducing Academy925

Immersive learning platform set to revolutionise corporate training Digital Training Solutions and Josie Hastings Associates have launched a new immersive ...
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Employee Engagement - 8 quick wins

8 tips to improve employee engagement

Improving Employee Engagement - 8 Simple Tips Employee engagement is seen as an internal state of being- physical, mental and emotional- ...
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Interactive Video and the Changing Face of Training

In 1923 radio was first introduced as an educational tool. It was a landmark step in using new technology in ...
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DTS launches flagship interactive platform: Mission Ready

Working alongside disaster relief NGO, RedR UK, DTS has launched online learning platform Mission Ready for the international humanitarian sector. The platform has ...
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Near-Life™: an immersive learning approach

Building on the years of experience of its founding partners in media and software production, Digital Training Solutions (DTS) is at the cutting edge of interactive and immersive online learning.  Our Near-Life™ immersive learning approach represents a step change in how learning is delivered online.

Near-Life™ allows users to experience immersive, role-play style training, which enhances engagement and knowledge retention at a fraction of the per person cost of traditional role-play training.  The Near-Life™ platform was inspired by cutting-edge research, not only into the benefits of immersive learning but also into the science of gamification. Gamification is a type of training which utilises a game-like approach to improve learning.

Near-Life™ offers a realistic, first person experience that challenges learners to make real-time decisions.  This new approach promotes highly immersive learning that improves knowledge retention and delivers enhanced feedback for users.  By adopting a unique filmed approach, using real actors and locations, the software makes the training scenarios as realistic and effective as possible.

In addition, the broader learning management platform allows for supplementary resources including documentaries, audio clips, written material, quizzes and questionnaires to provide a blended learning approach.

We’d love to hear from you and learn more about how we can support your learning needs. Give us a call on 0161 278 2686, use our contact form below or email info [at] dtslimited.net.